color block dress


Who here is still dating? Okay, hm, that sounded sad the way I said it. Let me try again: Who here has dated since 2020? No, it still sounds sad. Who here hates paying a babysitter and ends up just putting her kid to bed for free and then calling up frozen pizza and Netflix for a date? Okay, this is not going well; I’m going to sTop now.

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That last scenario? We are. And are we happy with that? Yeah, honestly, most of the time, but damn, I miss dating. Dressing nice and Fancy for a Date Night. So you know what? We planned a date last weekend, my mom saw Gems, and we made some reservations. We did it guys we went on a date like two little kids in love. And I put on this pretty dress that I was dying to wear. This is one of those Dresses you need a reason for. Date night seemed like reason enough to me.

I am on the large size for this dress but need the medium…which is what I realized after wearing it. Womp coward. But let my mistake help you! It doesn’t necessarily ‘stretch’ with wear, but does loosen, so I would suggest a true size fit, just understand that it’s tighter. I would suggest smoothing the undergarment underneath, but it generally doesn’t stick together or highlight bumps and bumps. Find it in the Navy and White combo here OR in more colors at Nordstrom here!