complicated pants


I think you’ll hate these Pants? Yes. Yes. And is there a voice in the back of my head that says “stay positive Kendi… and they’ll stay positive too”(in the same vein as “just be nice to the gentleman, Fancy, they’ll be nice to you” — Reba)But let’s be real, sometimes I’m going to like things you don’t and vice versa. That’s how it is with friends, okay? We are friends and we can disagree. Not all of us have to like the same things. I like complicated Pants that have a questionable fit and terrible reviews. Why? Who knows why I like the things I do. Same goes for why my very bright Green fingernails and toenails hurt this week. The nail tech asked me THREE times if this was what he wanted, leaving suspicions hanging in the air? Yes, he did. Just like you ask me if I really like these Pants, yes, yes, I do.

In fact, these are the same pants that were in my capsule! Look, I’ll be honest with you: they make my back look like a bug, but like I said before, if I can’t see it, I don’t care. I’m pretty sure this is where the concept of “out of sight, out of mind” comes from, but I could be wrong. So let’s sTop talking shit about them and get to the pros – I really like this fabric. It’s a tech fabric, which if you read the reviews, everyone hates. But it’s a lightweight fabric, if nylon and poplin had a son, that’s how it would be. However, it makes them quite versatile with a quick change of shoes. You can’t say that about all pants. I also like that you can wear them wide leg or tapeRed – there’s an ankle button in the back that gives you those options. I’m an 8 and they fit a little tighter in the waist/hips. You can find them, for Sale at Madewell, here!

Okay, but can I talk you into this suit, maybe? It’s so soft and stretchy that the only way I can describe the fabric is to say that they feel exactly like seamless underwear. I’m sorry but it’s true. Thicker than underwear, but that cool soft stretchy fabric creates a really nice spring/summer weight bodysuit. I sized up a size large or 3 in GA for more length and I’m glad I did! If you have breasts and a long torso, go up in size! Find it here.

OH! And PS: I found the best duplicate for my Chloe bag. Under $200 here.