The puffed sleeve lives on


Do you remember last year?I think it was last year?Anyway, in the last 12-14 months, do you remember when the puff sleeve trend came out and we were all like ‘is this a trend for now or forever?’ Yall I thought it was a trend for now but it could be a forever OR at least a Forever For Now trend. Are you already confused? Perfect, I have you right where I want you.

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In other words, I think the puff sleeve is here for a while. I like to see how long trends stick around before I make a big commitment to them and this one is back with a bang this spring. Like maybe too strong in some cases. This T-shirt is a great example: it’s almost too much. But with the slimmer torso silhouette and shorter length, this Top ends up being the perfect puffer shirt ratio. The puff gets to be the star of the show with this Top. Note that it is not lost on me that my job as an adult is to write things like ‘puff to shirt ratio’

I was skeptical about this Top online, but once I put it on, I absolutely loved it. I get edgy with ruching in the middle, but this one is nice – it keeps its structure and doesn’t sag into my tummy rolls. I mean obviously yes when I sit, but otherwise it holds its shape. Now the sleeves are puffy/big and the way they are puffed is with tulle on the sleeves. If you hate tulle and it itches, this Top may not be for you. For me, it didn’t bother me; in fact, I didn’t know it was a problem until I read the reviews. But it seems that for some it is a big problem, so I wanted you to know!

I’m in the middle that surprised me a lot. I bought the large and the medium but the medium fits better even though it is snug. I give it the TTS seal of approval! Find it from Nordstrom here in three colors.

PS: These jeans are Madewell and out of all my jeans, these are the ones that ask me the most questions! These are the ones with the crossover waist, which again seems confusing but really isn’t. There is a button to help secure the crossover hem in place and they otherwise fit normally like high waisted jeans. Highly recommend if you are looking for a more modern pair of jeans this spring. I’m wearing a 29, I got bigger and I like this fit because they aren’t as stretchy as other Madewell jeans.

Find them here.