travel outfit for spring


If you’ve been following my IG, you’ll know we’re at Disneyland this week! I wanted to share with you my travel outfit. Not to make you look twice, but yes, this is a monkey, no, an adult monkey. And yes, I actually wore this on the day of the trip and absolutely loved it! It’s comfortable and flexible and yes, easy to use in the bathroom.(That’s always a question I get! I’m also wearing a sports bra because it doesn’t have support built in, so I’m not fully exposed. 😉)I’m in the large of the unitard and it runs true to size, I needed more length in the torso. I would suggest measuring the length! But in general TTS 🙂 Regarding the size of the Girlfriend Collective, it would be a medium in other pieces if you want to have a reference for the brand. Fits like Nike.

If you don’t like the look of the unitard, I understand. This Amazon look is exactly the same but in SEParate pieces!

Similar sports bra for the look

Similar leggings for the look